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First-Time Homebuyer in Windsor, Colorado: 4 Things to Know

Windsor Kyle Basnar July 25, 2023

For a first-time homebuyer wanting peace, quiet, and beautiful views, Windsor, Colorado, could be the perfect place to call home. Located just between Denver and Cheyenne, Windsor is on the smaller side regarding population and area. The town has many parks, indoor and outdoor recreational facilities, trails, a lake, and thousands of happy residents. Windsor welcomes art and nature lovers to experience its outdoorsy charm and historical art.

Windsor’s impressive industrial growth in the 20th century and rich history boost the town’s appeal, as have Windsor’s real estate. The city offers residents lush yards and grand interiors. Windsor’s natural beauty ensures that every home in the town has a handsome green view.

Purchasing a first home can be scary, but in Windsor, the opportunities are endless. To prepare for your big buy, start by educating yourself on closing costs, get to know the area, and learn about what is available for Windsor housing. To help you start, here are some of the ins and outs of beginning your first-time homebuying experience in Windsor.

Be prepared for all expenses

With the help of a realtor, a homebuyer like yourself can make the right financial choices in their homebuying journey. There are many things to consider when buying your first home. To avoid confusion and stress, an agent can be a great tool. Finding a great agent is the first step in purchasing a Windsor house.

Purchase price and down payments

Windsor homes sell at a median of $550,000, with luxury homes ranging from $1 million to $3 million. Your down payment correlates with the purchase price of your house, and you pay it before the deal is closed. Many assume they must put down 20% of the purchase price as their down payment. Contrary to popular belief, you might put down as little as 3% of the purchase price as a down payment.

Property taxes and insurance

As of 2022, property tax rates in Windsor are 0.57%, significantly lower than the national average of 0.99%. Other costs besides purchase prices, down payments, and property taxes may include HOA fees and homeowners insurance. The price tag of insurance varies. Depending on the size of the home, its age, the buyer’s age, and the specific insurance company the homebuyer uses, prices flux. A realtor can help a buyer understand these expenses and their meanings.

Loan options

There are many loan options for homebuyers, including conventional loans that are not government guaranteed but have lower borrowing costs than other loan options. FHA loans are issued by the Federal Housing Committee and have less restrictive credit requirements. FHA loans also allow a homebuyer to make a lower downpayment than they would with other loan options. VA loans are for active duty members, veterans, and surviving immediate family members of those in service. This loan has no downpayment, no mortgage insurance, and very lenient credit requirements.

Homebuyer education courses

Education courses are offered nationwide as a tool for first-time homebuyers to become comfortable buying and owning a home. The course helps a buyer to better understand financing, finding, and finally owning their first house. Classes can be online and in-person, and multiple homebuyer education courses are specific to Colorado. Some lenders highly recommend that a new buyer take the class before purchasing a home. Many other homebuyer assistance programs exist to make the complex, time-consuming process of buying a first home easier.

Get to know the area

A person’s next step in purchasing their first home is understanding and excitement about the area to which they are looking to move. Windsor is a historic town, and residents of the area are reminded of this every day. Old construction dates back 125 years, and those historic buildings are protected and preserved with the help of Windsor’s Historic Preservation Commission.

Windsor Lake

Windsor, CO 80550
Outdoor activity in Windsor is abundant. With ample access to water on Windsor Lake, residents can walk the two-mile trail along the water, fish with a permit, rent boats, and swim. Residents of Windsor appreciate their proximity to water, and a first-time homebuyer like yourself may also enjoy this.

Windsor Art and Heritage Center

116 5th St, Windsor, CO
Having such a rich history, Windsor is a town with an appreciation of arts, vibrant culture, and nostalgia. At the center of these forces is Windsor’s Art and Heritage Center, which hosts multiple gallery exhibitions throughout the year. This museum offers a new member of Windsor’s community a chance to understand what makes Windsor unique.

Windsor History Museum

100 N 5th St, Windsor, CO
Windsor’s History Museum is a collection of buildings built between 1882 and the 1920s. The architecture is stunning, and the museum’s exhibits are insightful lessons on the town’s beginnings. Connected by trails, the historic center allows guests to wander the grand, green lawn outside and the town’s rich cultural significance indoors. Also featured at the museum is Windsor’s train depot, which includes many exhibits for viewing and interaction for all ages.

Discover types of homes in Windsor

Windsor has an excellent combination of construction, new and old, allowing homebuyers plenty of options based on their architectural interests. Older and more recent homes can be found on the lake, some with contemporary floor plans and sizeable, modern kitchens.

For those interested in newer, more current houses with a homey appeal, Windsor homes are visually appealing and carefully crafted. Whether a person is seeking sleek modern homes or those decorated with stone detail and large windows, Windsor has them.

Find the right agent

A real estate agent makes the homebuying experience as simple as possible. To avoid laborious negotiations, tedious contracts, and unnecessary demands on your time, simply hire a real estate agent. When beginning your homebuying journey, a savvy agent can help set your priorities and use them to find the perfect home.

A realtor like Kyle Basnar has the experience and connections a first-time homebuyer will benefit from when purchasing a house. Buyers and sellers from all walks of life agree on Kyle’s credentials. If Windsor is where you would like to settle, contact Kyle Basnar today.

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